Lemon Oil and Gout

by Aisake Vuikadavu on July 17, 2013

Lemon oil is one of the basic oils in the Family Physicians Kit. It covers a multitude of different uses, and I ‘d like to share one story in particular that shows how effective it is.

I’m grateful to Koresi Ledua, a professional rugby player from Fiji for allowing us to share his story and pictures on here.

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Around November 2012, Koresi had shared on facebook some health challenges he was going through. After a brief discussion, he mentioned that it was Gout. We talked how it was causing him pain, since gout was basically a painful condition of the joints, caused when there is too much uric acid n the body.

Koresi was playing rugby sevens during that time as the Rugby Sevens season was in full swing. The pain in his joints did not make the training sessions easier. I told him that a family friend would be visiting Fiji for Christmas and would be bringing a bottle of lemon oil for him to help address his gout issue.

The instructions given were for him to place 1 drop of lemon oil in an 8 ounce glass cup of water. Styrofoam and plastic were highly discouraged as the lemon oil could pull the petrochemicals out of them. He was to drink this once after every meal.


In addition, he was asked to massage a drop of the lemon oil onto his painful joints. I followed up with him a few weeks later, and he mentioned that the pain had subsided.

Last week (Wednesday July, 10), I saw that he posted again on facebook about his pain.

After contacting him, he mentioned that he injured his ankle in a recent rugby match and his gout had flared up again. He also mentioned that he still had some lemon oil left from last time, and I repeated the protocol for him to follow. I also had him watch a video clip explaining the origin of the doTERRA essential oils and other uses.
He was encouraged to drink a lot of water in order to help the body flush out any residue or toxins. He mentioned that earlier, the slightest movement would trigger unbearable pain in his feet.

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He also kept having to relieve himself from all the water he was drinking. Koresi mentioned that he woke up the next morning virtually pain free and the swelling on his feet had dropped dramatically

Koresi mentioned that one of his close rugby friends had passed away from this and that many others had this issue. He added that he didn’t take the lemon oil too seriously the first time around, but after watching the video clip I sent him, everything made much more sense.

I’m grateful for people like Koresi Ledua who are willing to share their story with their community and the world, in the hopes that it will make a difference for many, like it did for him

Koresi is now on a voyage to share his story and his experience with his family and community.

If you, or anyone you know, has gout and would like to try a sample of lemon oil,

fill out the form on the right side of this page to get a hold of us, and we will send you a sample.


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